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This is a blog about artist Teresa M. Turner and her work. Teresa works in a variety of media and styles.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

About The Artist

Welcome to my blog! I have been a full time artist for over 12 years, creating mainly mixed media sculptures. In 1999 I returned to my childhood interest in painting, working primarily in acrylics.

Although I grew up in Ohio, I lived in Canada for several years. Frequent travel in the US and Canada, as well as recent travels in Europe provide me with the ideas and inspiration for many of my pieces. I have a great love of the outdoors, as well as a lifelong interest in history, which greatly influence my work.

I now work in a variety of media, though most of my two dimensional pieces are acrylics on canvas. Other two dimensional media I use include oils, watercolors, pen and ink, graphite, and gouache. My sculptures are mixed media, employing a variety of ancient techniques. Most of my sculptures are done in leather, using methods which date back to the middle ages. Some were created with porcelain elements as well. Other sculptures (such as my gargoyles) are created in hydrostone.

My pieces appear in private collections throughout the US and Canada, as well as throughout Europe and the UK. Additionally, pieces have been added to locations in the public sector, including a framed green man sculpture which was purchased by the City of Willoughby, Ohio. As a recipient of the Mayor's Choice Award, this piece now remains on permanent display in their Town Hall.

I have been honored to receive several awards for my work, and was selected to be the featured artist at the Geauga Parks District's Nature Art Festival in 2002. To see examples of my work, please visit my web site or my ebay store.

More info will be added to this blog soon.


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