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Thursday, June 15, 2006

WIP (Works in Progress)- Raku and handmade cards

I've been spending a couple of days this week making some things for my etsy store, in addition to trying to finish an abstract painting I've been working on.

One of the things I've been making is a small clay jar which will be raku fired, which I'm custom making for someone. After making it, I decided to play around and see just how small I could make some of these. Upon seeing them, H (my boyfriend) asked me what someone would do with such tiny jars. I told him that some people use handmade miniatures like these to furnish dollhouses, while other people just enjoy collecting miniatures. Here are two pics, of the larger and smaller jars. The clay on some other things is still drying, so I won't be able to fire up the kiln until the weekend.

I've also been making some handmade cards to go in my etsy store. Here is one:

These smaller projects are a nice break from working on a sculpture or large painting, which can take me months to complete. I'm also hoping to post a pic of the abstract painting later today, if I can get it finished.

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Blogger Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I am looking forward to seeing your abstract!
I injoy your work in all mediums.
LLOY in a HOT cave in Chicago

7:53 AM  

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