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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back home, and back to work! :)

Well, I had a great time. I went camping for a couple of weeks, and we had pretty decent weather most of the time. I got back home last week, but have been playing catch-up on some things here and am just now settling back into my regular routine.

Here is a little painting I did right before I left, but hadn't gotten a chance to post about yet. It's a modern folk-art painting of a little black cat, eyeing a vase filled with daisies.

Original acrylics on gallery wrap canvas
6" x 6"

I spent a couple of days this week updating my web site, and also updating info for the Worldwide Women Artists Exhibition entitled "Garden of Delights", which can be seen HERE now through Sept. 29th.

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Blogger Becca Parson said...

You have some interesting work here - I particularly like the hydrostone carvings. I've never heard of it, what is hydrostone?

6:48 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. Hydrostone is the hardest of the gypsum cements. :)

6:54 PM  

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