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Thursday, October 13, 2005

What I've been up to...

Well, I had *hoped* to start posting weekly beginning in September, but things have been too crazy! I did manage to *finally* finish a sculpture of two jack-in-the-pulpit flowers I'd been working on for ages. Here is a picture:

jack in the pulpit leather wildflower sculpture

I've also started doing paintings to help support the South Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines. So far, I've painted two of their rescues, Sally and Cy. For the painting of Sally, I did an oil painting based on Monet's famous "Haystacks at Giverny". Here are the paintings, both of which will be available soon in my ebay store to benefit the charity:

oil painting of a horse
Sally in the Sun

oil painting of a horse
Seasons of Change

I've also been adding a lot of pics to my web site, so be sure to check there if you haven't visited in a while. Thanks for stopping in!



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