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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mosaic inspired paintings

I've been wanting to do some mosaic work lately, but have been painting all this week. This is the result! I've done two paintings on 6" x 6" gallery canvases, which look like tile mosaics. One is a sun, and one is a moon:

"LE SOLEIL" (The Sun)
Original oils

"LA LUNE" (The Moon)
Original oils

The paintings continue around the sides of the canvas:

Because they have a Mediterranean feel, I gave them titles in French. Both are listed on ebay now. The pictures link to the auctions (links open a new window).

I've also been working on a new hydrostone sculpture, but am still in the process of working with the latex for the mold. It takes a few days to build up enough coats. Stay tuned for an update on this piece.

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Blogger Roberta said...

Very nice mosaics... and your painting are amazing!! I like the flower trio very much. Nice work!

12:59 PM  

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