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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Art is a crazy business!

A fellow member of Worldwide Women Artists shared the link to this news story. I had to post it here:

Bizarre news article

This reminded me of this time that I went to the local public gallery to see what they had chosen for their "Open Juried Exhibition". There were perhaps 40 pieces, all of which were enigmatic, disturbing, or distorted in nature. I could have understood that if that were the theme of the exhibition, but it wasn't. There was not a tranquil landscape, floral, or still life in the bunch. You know the type of stuff they had chosen? Barbie doll heads attached to wires, stones stuck to the wall inside a square, etc. There was nothing in the exhibition I personally liked, or even really appreciated for the artist's skill. I was glad I had not chosen to apply, because clearly it would have been a waste of my time; there is no way the jurors would have selected my work. But then, I took comfort in the fact that truly great artists like Monet or Degas probably could not have gotten their work in either.

Obviously Michealangelo would have been disappointed had he sent his work to these people and found they chose to display the shipping crate instead. ;)


Blogger Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Dear T I sem never to pass the jury process They say my work is not consistant. Since I try all the mediums and subjects I dont seem in sync what they want. One example peoplr at a show exhibited monoprints which was the rage in the cliquw that ran the show ubknows to me. It seems arts are more critical then the buyers that suport the artist.

5:15 PM  

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