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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two more new ACEOs

I feel like perhaps today's entry should be called "doing 100 things at once", because that's kind of how today seemed. I finished another kitchen painting the same size as yesterday's hot pepper one. It's too dark here to photograph now, so I'll be posting that one tomorrow (hopefully). I also worked on some new images for magnets, and images for some pinback buttons, which will be appearing soon in my etsy store. In the meantime, here are my two newest ACEOs, which I didn't get a chance to post here yesterday because of the storms we were having. The first one is an abstract landscape. It reminds me of the line from Peter Pan about "First star on the right, then straight on till morning..."


Original acrylics

That one is now in my etsy store. The image will open the listing in a new window.

The next one is a mixed media ACEO which I don't have listed anywhere yet, so those reading my blog are the first to see it. For this one, I used acrylics, iridescent acrylics, faux gold leaf, ink, printed paper (for the text), and handmade textured mulberry paper, all on cold press heavy watercolor paper. The cool textures in this one don't show up in the small image.

Mixed media

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