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Friday, April 13, 2007

Boxes in my studio (and everywhere else...)

We moved at the end of March, so I'm writing this from my new studio! :) I like the new place, but there are still boxes everywhere. My studio space is coming along, though, and I hope to actually have more creative time today.

The worst part of the move wasn't the move itself this time. It was having AT&T screw up our address, so we were without internet access for close to 2 weeks. I think I was so mad I probably looked like one of those cartoon characters with a red face and smoke coming out their ears! They finally got us up and running again this week, so I've been playing catch-up on all the emails and things I missed.

Some good news: the gallery show our women's group (WORLDWIDE WOMEN ARTISTS) had in Florida went well. Lots of pieces sold, including this one of mine entitled Picket Fence Poppies:

I had painted that one after visiting my folks and passing a house which had poppies growing along a picket fence at the edge of their yard. Fortunately I make a habit of taking my camera with me for reference photos, because you never know where inspiration will strike. Speaking of inspiration, I am going to get back to organizing my studio while I am inspired to do so!

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