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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Most Recent Paintings

It's been a busy several months since I last posted to my blog. The holidays came and went, and now here we are already a month and a half into the new year!

Most of the paintings I've done since my last posting have already sold, so I'll stick with sharing the newest ones which are still available as of the time I'm writing this.

One series I started this winter is my American Vistas series, which features landscapes showcasing the wonderful variety of terrain we have in this country. My latest in the series is called "Spacious Skies":

Oils on canvas
16" x 20"

The latest painting in my Joyful Gardens series, entitled "En Fleur" was just completed over the weekend:

Acrylics on canvas
24" x 36"

Here is another abstract I painted last week, entitled "Cosmic Light":

Acrylics on canvas
10" x 60"

And here is the latest from my newest series, the Windows of Imagination series. This one is entitled "Sapphire Vision":

Oils on canvas
8" x 10"

Some of these are currently available at a huge savings on the ArtByUs web site:

Click here to visit my current listings on ArtByUs

That's all for today's post! Thanks for reading! :)


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