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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Firing day for my kiln!

Today was firing day for my kiln. I had planned to fire the past couple of days, but we've been having thunderstorms here. Today I was able to fire it though, and I'm still waiting for it to cool. Tomorrow (weather permitting) I'll be glazing and doing some raku, which I love to do!!

The other thing I was working on today (well, a couple of things, actually) was a really tiny jar made from polymer clay. It's a piece a woman on etsy custom ordered from me. I probably could have made it from clay and raku fired it as well, but the problem is, it's so darned tiny, I'm sure I'd never find it in the debris. (Not to mention that glaze firing something that small would be a royal pain in the patootie.)

Here is the one she ordered, which she wanted to be 1 cm or less in size:

I painted it to look like a raku piece.

Then I decided to see just how small I could make a lidded jar. I also painted this one the same way:

Hopefully tomorrow I can do the glaze firing, and have some other pics to share! :)

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