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Monday, September 25, 2006

Comical ACEOs from Teresa Turner

I've always enjoyed creating silly little pieces that make people laugh. When I first tried selling on ebay, the comical pieces and minis are what I started listing. I hadn't been doing many of them lately, so I have started to create more of them again. Here are two of the ones I did this past week:


That one is what happens when I'm tired and hear songs on the radio. :) It sold almost as soon as I listed it on ETSY

This one is a cute Halloween-themed one of a dog in a witch costume:


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rainbows in my studio :)

This part has nothing really to do with art, except that it involves something that makes me happy and color. I had rainbows in my studio this week. In the window in my studio I have hung some crystals, including a suncatcher pendant made by a friend. This time of the year, if it is sunny, I get rainbows in my studio in the afternoon. Here is a pic of the ceiling in my studio, with rainbows across it:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Two new ACEOs and jewelry

I just listed another two ACEOs I did this week. One is inspired by van Gogh's Starry Night, and is of a black cat gazing at the night sky.


Original acrylics

The other one is an abstract landscape of a tree with two crows in it. This is from a series of paintings I've done, though most of them have been larger pieces.


Original acrylics

I've also been working on some jewelry, including hair jewelry. Here is one, which is a beaded ponytail holder now listed in my etsy store:


Glass, agate, and shell

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Fantasy Art Cat Fairy Painting ~ACEO

This week I started a new series of fantasy art paintings. I just listed the first one today, which is of a Maine Coon cat with monarch butterfly wings. Being the language geek that I am, I figured if he has monarch butterfly wings (and being a large and regal cat) he must be the reigning monarch, the king of the cat fairies. Having that idea, I had to paint him wearing a golden crown. Here he is, sitting proudly overlooking his cat fairy kingdom:


Original acrylics on archival museum board

Here is a detail view of his face and his richly decorated crown:

This painting is entered in a contest on ebay, called Fairy Fun.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

New abstract painting

I finished an abstract painting this week. This one is part of a series of fluid abstracts, which are comprised of flowing lines and organic forms. It reminds me a bit of the sky in van Gogh's Starry Starry Night painting.

Original acrylics
20" x 30"

All the other ones I've done in this series have sold, but you can see thumbnails of many of them HERE.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another new kitchen art painting!

I actually finished this last night, but it was too dark in here to photograph it then. This is the next in the kitchen art series, following the hot pepper painting I posted earlier this week. This one is the same size, and features a cup of coffee with the word cafe (French for coffee) on the side of the cup. It is surrounded by a pattern of spirals, dots, and coffee beans!


Original acrylics on gallery wrap canvas

Now that I've started this series, I have a whole bunch of ideas in mind for more. Funny how that works!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two more new ACEOs

I feel like perhaps today's entry should be called "doing 100 things at once", because that's kind of how today seemed. I finished another kitchen painting the same size as yesterday's hot pepper one. It's too dark here to photograph now, so I'll be posting that one tomorrow (hopefully). I also worked on some new images for magnets, and images for some pinback buttons, which will be appearing soon in my etsy store. In the meantime, here are my two newest ACEOs, which I didn't get a chance to post here yesterday because of the storms we were having. The first one is an abstract landscape. It reminds me of the line from Peter Pan about "First star on the right, then straight on till morning..."


Original acrylics

That one is now in my etsy store. The image will open the listing in a new window.

The next one is a mixed media ACEO which I don't have listed anywhere yet, so those reading my blog are the first to see it. For this one, I used acrylics, iridescent acrylics, faux gold leaf, ink, printed paper (for the text), and handmade textured mulberry paper, all on cold press heavy watercolor paper. The cool textures in this one don't show up in the small image.

Mixed media

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Hot Pepper Kitchen Art

I finished this today, just for fun... a painting of a hot pepper, with a funky decorated background:


Original acrylics on gallery wrap canvas
6" x 6"

It's listed in my etsy store, so the image above links to the listing.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two new ACEOs

Here are my two newest ACEOs. (For those who don't know, ACEOs are small works of art, the size of baseball trading cards.)

One is a mixed-media piece celebrating the fruit of the vine:

Mixed media (including acrylics, India ink, patterned paper, handmade textured mulberry paper, faux gold leaf, and a professionally printed image of a glass of wine, from one of my original oil paintings).

The next one is an autumn-themed piece:

Illuminators of Autumn
Watercolors and India ink

This will be my entry in the WWAO monthly exhibition for October. The theme for that exhibition is "Illuminations of the Unseen". I have titled this ACEO "Illuminators of Autumn", which is a bit of a play on words. The border on it is a Celtic knotwork design, and in the middle ages, the pictures in the manuscripts were called "illuminations", so the scribes who did them were called "illuminators". The inside shows a fairy painting a face on a jack-o-lantern, and another fairy sprinkling fall leaves in the air. Since the fairies are small, they would go unseen in their work. Although they are hard to see in the small image, there are little spiderwebs and acorns inside the knotwork at the corners.

I seem to be focused on small pieces this week...

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Miniatures and more magnets

Today was a day for working on small things. I made some new theme magnets for putting in my etsy store, and also did a couple of mini paintings. Here is one, which I just listed today:

Original acrylics

There is a chill in the air, the leaves are blowing, and the crows are gliding on the wind... A black cat watches them from afar, while sitting in a meadow of purple asters.

Here is another one I did today. This one is of a koi fish:

Original watercolors & India ink

I really enjoy working on little pieces like these. When I was a child, I was always making tiny things, or drawing funny little pictures. Although I'd been selling larger works for years, when I first started selling on ebay, I began with small pieces like these.

Smaller works of art are a great way to decorate in small spaces, and a wonderful way to have a collection of art without spending a lot of money, or needing a large space. Speaking of smaller works, be sure to visit the Worldwide Women Artists site for a link to gift items under $10 created by me and other members of WWAO.

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